14. Improve Performance of Large Datasets

If your database table contains thousands of records, the database queries generated by SonataAdmin may become very slow. Here are tips how to improve the performance of your admin.

14.1. Change default Pager to SimplePager

Default Pager is counting all rows in the table, so the user can navigate to any page in the Datagrid. But counting thousands or millions of records can be slow operation. If you don’t need to know the number of all records, you can use SimplePager instead. It doesn’t count all rows, but gives user only information if there is next page or not.

To use SimplePager in your admin, define pager_type in the service definition:

# config/services.yaml

        class: App\Admin\PostAdmin
            - { name: sonata.admin, model_class: App\Entity\Post, manager_type: orm, group: 'Content', label: 'Post', pager_type: 'simple' }


The pager_results template is automatically changed to @SonataAdmin/Pager/simple_pager_results.html.twig if it’s not already overloaded.