6. Events

An event mechanism is available to add an extra entry point to extend an Admin instance.

6.1. ConfigureEvent

This event is generated when a form, list, show, datagrid is configured. The event names are:

  • sonata.admin.event.configure.form
  • sonata.admin.event.configure.list
  • sonata.admin.event.configure.datagrid
  • sonata.admin.event.configure.show

6.2. PersistenceEvent

This event is generated when a persistency layer update, save or delete an object. The event names are:

  • sonata.admin.event.persistence.pre_update
  • sonata.admin.event.persistence.post_update
  • sonata.admin.event.persistence.pre_persist
  • sonata.admin.event.persistence.post_persist
  • sonata.admin.event.persistence.pre_remove
  • sonata.admin.event.persistence.post_remove

6.3. ConfigureQueryEvent

This event is generated when a list query is defined. The event name is: sonata.admin.event.configure.query

6.4. BlockEvent

Block events help you customize your templates. Available events are :

  • sonata.admin.dashboard.top
  • sonata.admin.dashboard.bottom
  • sonata.admin.list.table.top
  • sonata.admin.list.table.bottom
  • sonata.admin.edit.form.top
  • sonata.admin.edit.form.bottom
  • sonata.admin.show.top
  • sonata.admin.show.bottom

If you want more information about block events, you should check the “Event” section of block bundle documentation.