2. Twig status helper

The bundle comes with a Twig helper allowing you to generate CSS class names, depending on an entity field.

2.1. Define a service

Each service you want to define must implement the Sonata\Twig\Status\StatusClassRendererInterface interface:

namespace Sonata\Component\Order;

use Sonata\Twig\Status\StatusClassRendererInterface;

class OrderStatusRenderer implements StatusClassRendererInterface
    public function handlesObject($object, $statusName = null)
        // Logic validating if the render is applicable for the given object

    public function getStatusClass($object, $statusName = null, $default = "")
        // Label to render

Now that we have defined our service, we will add it using the sonata.status.renderer tag, just as follow:

        class:  Sonata\Component\Order\OrderStatusRenderer
            - { name: sonata.status.renderer }

2.2. Use the service

You can now call your helper in your twig views using the following code:

{{ my_object|sonata_status_class(status_name, 'default_value') }}