13. Extra

The SonataMediaBundle provides some integration with externals bundles.

13.1. Liip Imagine Bundle Integration

The bundle provides a support for LiipImagineBundle through a specific Thumbnail service. The service generates a valid url handles by the bundle. The main advantage of LiipImagineBundle is that no thumbnail images will be stored along the uploaded image.

The first step is to install the LiipImagineBundle, then you need to configure it by creating custom filter sets. Each set name must be composed of CONTEXTNAME_FORMATNAME, so for the context: default and the format: small, you must have a set named default_small.

# config/packages/liip_imagine.yaml

            quality: 75
                thumbnail: { size: [100, 70], mode: outbound }

            quality: 75
                thumbnail: { size: [500, 70], mode: outbound }

You also need to alter the sonata_media configuration to use the sonata.media.thumbnail.liip_imagine thumbnail service

# config/packages/sonata_media.yaml

            thumbnail: sonata.media.thumbnail.liip_imagine
            allowed_extensions: ['jpg', 'png', 'gif', 'jpeg'] # Optional
            allowed_mime_types: ['image/pjpeg','image/jpeg','image/png','image/x-png', 'image/gif'] # Optional
            thumbnail: sonata.media.thumbnail.liip_imagine
            thumbnail: sonata.media.thumbnail.liip_imagine
            thumbnail: sonata.media.thumbnail.liip_imagine

        # The CDN part must point to the base root of your application with a valid htaccess to match non existant
        # file. The non existant image will be send to the SonataMediaBundle:Media:liipImagineFilter controller.
            path: 'http://mydomain.com'


The SonataMediaBundle:Media:liipImagineFilter is a specific controller to link the MediaBundle with LiipImagineBundle

13.2. CKEditor Integration

There are two ways to integrate CKEditor with SonataMediaBundle: first way is by using CoopTilleulsCKEditorSonataMediaBundle for just creating a simple HTML CKEditor field type and another for using SonataFormatterBundle that will let you choose field editor type.

13.2.1. Medias in CKEditor with CoopTilleulsCKEditorSonataMediaBundle

CoopTilleulsCKEditorSonataMediaBundle allows to browse and upload files managed by SonataMedia directly from the UI of the CKEditor WYSIWYG editor.

To use this feature, follow CoopTilleulsCKEditorSonataMediaBundle installation instructions.

Now, just create a field with ckeditor as type and your done:

protected function configureFormFields(FormMapper $formMapper)
        ->add('mytext', 'ckeditor', [
            'config' => [
                'toolbar' => [
                        'name' => 'links',
                        'items' => ['Link', 'Unlink'],
                        'name' => 'insert',
                        'items' => ['Image'],

13.2.2. Medias in CKEditor with SonataFormatterBundle

SonataFormatterBundle allows to browse and upload files managed by SonataMedia directly from the UI of the CKEditor WYSIWYG editor too.

First of all, you have to define your FOSCKEditorBundle (already embedded in SonataFormatterBundle) configurations like this:

# config/packages/fos_ck_editor.yaml

    default_config: default
            # default toolbar plus Format button
            - [Bold, Italic, Underline, -, Cut, Copy, Paste,
              PasteText, PasteFromWord, -, Undo, Redo, -,
              NumberedList, BulletedList, -, Outdent, Indent, -,
              Blockquote, -, Image, Link, Unlink, Table]
            - [Format, Maximize, Source]

            filebrowserBrowseRoute: admin_sonata_media_media_ckeditor_browser
            filebrowserImageBrowseRoute: admin_sonata_media_media_ckeditor_browser
            # Display images by default when clicking the image dialog browse button
                provider: sonata.media.provider.image
            filebrowserUploadMethod: form
            filebrowserUploadRoute: admin_sonata_media_media_ckeditor_upload
                provider: sonata.media.provider.file
            # Upload file as image when sending a file from the image dialog
            filebrowserImageUploadRoute: admin_sonata_media_media_ckeditor_upload
                provider: sonata.media.provider.image
                context: my-context # Optional, to upload in a custom context
                format: my-big # Optional, media format or original size returned to editor

You can provide custom routes and a custom context to match your needs.

Second step is optional but you can also define some custom browsing and upload templates with the following configuration:

# config/packages/sonata_formatter.yaml

            browser: '@SonataFormatter/Ckeditor/browser.html.twig'
            upload: '@SonataFormatter/Ckeditor/upload.html.twig'

Last step takes place in your admin class, you just have to specify the ckeditor_context parameter:

protected function configureFormFields(FormMapper $formMapper)
        ->add('shortDescription', 'sonata_formatter_type', [
            'source_field' => 'rawDescription',
            'source_field_options' => ['attr' => ['class' => 'span10', 'rows' => 20]],
            'format_field' => 'descriptionFormatter',
            'target_field' => 'description',
            'ckeditor_context' => 'default',
            'event_dispatcher' => $formMapper->getFormBuilder()->getEventDispatcher()

Afterwards you can browse and upload your medias using SonataMediaBundle.

13.3. Sonata Multiupload Bundle

This bundle allows you a multiple upload of Media’s. It provides JavaScript side mimetype and file extension validation.

Multiupload Bundle

Read the full documentation here