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Order Class Diagram

We tried to avoid as much relations as possible in the Order, so we would not be dependent of Product changes. (For instance, if you make an Order with a Product at a given Price, then the Price changes, you want to keep your old price in your Order). This is why the product is “serialized” in the order element (see the field rawProduct).

The Order’s locale is also set (to the Basket locale, which is set to the customer locale, which is set to the current locale on the customer’s registration, but you may customize that in the BasketTransformer). This locale is used to display the Order. More details in Sonata e-commerce Architecture.

Order Statuses

An Order or an OrderElement may have the following statuses:

interface OrderInterface
    const STATUS_OPEN       = 0; // created but not validated
    const STATUS_PENDING    = 1; // waiting from action from the user
    const STATUS_VALIDATED  = 2; // the order is validated does not mean the payment is ok
    const STATUS_CANCELLED  = 3; // the order is cancelled
    const STATUS_ERROR      = 4; // the order has an error
    const STATUS_STOPPED    = 5; // use if the subscription has been cancelled/stopped

    // ...

Regarding the Payment statuses, here are the possible values:

interface TransactionInterface
    const STATUS_ORDER_UNKNOWN    = -1; // the order is unknown
    const STATUS_OPEN             = 0;  // created but not validated
    const STATUS_PENDING          = 1;  // the bank send a 'pending-like' status, so the payment is not validated, but the user payed
    const STATUS_VALIDATED        = 2;  // the bank confirm the payment
    const STATUS_CANCELLED        = 3;  // the user cancelled the payment
    const STATUS_UNKNOWN          = 4;  // the bank sent a unknown code ...
    const STATUS_ERROR_VALIDATION = 9;  // something wrong happen when the bank validate the postback
    const STATUS_WRONG_CALLBACK   = 10; // something wrong is sent from the bank. hack or the bank change something ...
    const STATUS_WRONG_REQUEST    = 11; // the callback request is not valid
    const STATUS_ORDER_NOT_OPEN   = 12; // the order is not open (so a previous transaction already alter the order)

    // ...

Finally, the values for the Delivery statuses:

interface ServiceDeliveryInterface
    const STATUS_OPEN       = 1;    // Not processed yet
    const STATUS_PENDING    = 2;    // Packing
    const STATUS_SENT       = 3;    // In transit
    const STATUS_CANCELLED  = 4;    // Delivery cancelled
    const STATUS_COMPLETED  = 5;    // Delivered
    const STATUS_RETURNED   = 6;    // Returned to sender

    // ...

Feel free to add your own statuses in your implementations; but remember to override the corresponding getStatusList static methods.