9. Doctrine ORM Proxy Query

The ProxyQuery object is used to add missing features from the original Doctrine Query builder:

  • execute method - no need to call the getQuery() method,

  • add sort by and sort order options,

  • add preselect id query on left join query, so a limit query will be only applied on the left statement and not on the full select statement. This simulates the original Doctrine 1 behavior.

  • By default, Sonata will use the DISTINCT SQL keyword when fetching the identifiers of the entities that will be displayed in the listing, to avoid duplicates in some cases. Sonata cannot detect whether or not you need DISTINCT, but lets you remove that keyword in case it causes performance issues and you are sure there will be no duplicates. To do so, simply call setDistinct(false):

    use Sonata\AdminBundle\Datagrid\ORM\ProxyQuery;
    $queryBuilder = $this->em->createQueryBuilder();
    $queryBuilder->from('Post', 'p');
    $proxyQuery = new ProxyQuery($queryBuilder);
    $proxyQuery->leftJoin('p.tags', 't');
    $results = $proxyQuery->execute();