Contribute to Sonata Project

Sonata is an open source project with a very diverse community, where people from all over the world contribute their work, with everyone benefitting from friendly help and advice, and kindly helping others in return.

We have two main channels opened:

Sonata respects the Symfony’s conventions about contributing to the code. So before going further please review our Contribution Guide.

How do I help?

Are you using Sonata? Do you love Open Source? You can help us in many ways and most of them don’t even require coding skills.

Bug Report

If you find a bug we kindly request you to report it. However, before submitting it please check the project documentation available online.

Then, if it appears that it’s a real bug, you may report it using GitHub.

We are using templates on Github to report different things, it will ask you for some information like composer versions installed. Please fill with all the indications provided by the template.


All the documentation available is generated on each Sonata repository, it requires a lot of work to keep it up to date. All bundles have its own documentation stored in the same Git repository.

If you find some mistake or some parts are incomplete, you can open a Pull Request updating the documentation so everyone can enjoy better docs.

The documentation is in RST format using Sphinx and hosted on


All our bundles have translations in a lot of languages. Sonata translations are kept on each bundle.

If you find something that is not translated or the translation can be improved you can go to the bundle where that translation is located an open a Pull Request.